The Arab Co. for Hotels & Tourism Investments (Achti )

Board of Honor

The Arab Company was honored by the presence of many public figures in the Board of Directors, including, but not limited to:


Mr. Mohamed Ismat engineer

(Minister of the business sector)

Dr. Mohammed Ahmed al-Razzaz

(Former minister of Finance)

Mr. Dr. Zahi Hawass

(Former minister of Antiquities)

الكــــــــاتب / أنيـــــــس منصـــــــــور

(أديب وكاتب صحفى سابقاً بجريدة "الاهرام & اخبار اليوم" )

Mrs. Dr. Nawal El-tatawy

(Former minister of economy and international cooperation)

Mrs. professor / Mervat on a firewood

(Chairman of the board of directors - holding company for tourism and hotels)

Mr. Engineer / Adel Wali

(Executive Managing Director-holding company for tourism and hotels)

Mr. Accountant Sherif Bandray

(العضو المنتدب - الشركة المصلاية العامة للسياحة والفنادق إيجوث)