The Arab Co. for Hotels & Tourism Investments (Achti )

The Social Responsibility

The Arab Company for Hotels and Tourism Investment believes that the successive and accelerated developments in the economic and social aspects urge it to harmonize its main goal of achieving economic growth and improving the quality of living of the workforce and their families on the one side, and protecting the environment on the other side in order to realize its goals. The social responsibility comes at the forefront of the company's strategic planning priorities through recognizing the value of the employees and working to achieve their monetary and psychological stability so as to warrant improving the efficiency of their performance as follows:

  • Ensuring provision of full health care for all workers, support and encourage sports activities and activate industrial safety programs.
  • Providing insurance systems through special insurance policies to compensate them for potential damages, God forbid, which promotes confidence and reassurance of the workers and motivates them to work harder.
  • Developing the skills of the employees in order to raise the efficiency of performance through setting up training programs and courses that raise their ability to deal with the speedy and successive developments in the fields of work, which reflects positively on them and on the their wages as well.
  • The company management pays special attention to participating in holidays and social events in order to develop the spirit of brotherhood and love and promote the sense of belonging and team spirit among the employees.


Environmental Compliance

The company is keen to interact with environmental issues, preservation of natural resources and addressing environmental problems, as per the following points:

  • Ensure proper selection of all machinery and equipment in the affiliate hotels in line with the various laws and regulations (environment friendly).
  • Commitment to the compliance of the provided product with the requirements of reducing the environmental pollution.
  • Commitment to all health rules and guidelines in dealing with food and beverages served in the affiliate hotels.
  • Develop programs, guidance signs and incentives for customers to reduce water consumption.
  • Provide all affiliate hotel rooms with energy-saving units and equipment, and use energy-saving lighting bulbs.
  • Paying special attention to outdoor greenery and indoor plants in order to circulate oxygen in the areas around.
  • Prohibiting smoking inside hotels, offices and rooms in general, with the allocation of smoking spots in the public areas, as well as the establishment of certain rooms for smokers.
  • The company is keen that its affiliate hotels observe the environmental controls with respect to waste disposal through separating different materials to help in the recycling process.
  • The company donated to the Orman Hospital in favor of cancer patients in Luxor by establishing a room named " Achti Resort ".